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The Kanun is not a religious document – many groups follow it, including Albanian Orthodox, Catholics and Muslims. They cannot buy land, and there are many jobs they are not permitted to hold.There are even establishments that they cannot enter.This is your best opportunity to chat with people from Albania.Feel free to bookmark Chat Hour and forward our site to your friends.Sure, your husband is not in that 35%, just like me.

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There is a section in the join the club bit on netmums with some albanian wives posting on there they may help.

Actually these figures are not that correct or are meaningless since Albanians in general are not religious people.

I mean, there are only about 35% of Muslims that are real believers, the rest of them are mostly agnostic though coming from "muslim family background".

Maybe he just doesnt practice a religion what about his family? I did think albania was mainly muslim but that is just as I said because my husband knows quite alot of muslim who are from there. Dear Claire, I am Albanian, and I'll try to say my word on this.

You might have heard that most of the population in albania is muslim, (less than 70%), and the rest (~30%) is Roman catholic and Cristian orthodox.

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