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Bring up the subject of grooming in a conversation or when it is mentioned in the news or on the TV, this normalises the conversation. Try to get your child/young person to think about the following, depending on the age of your child: Is the person too good to be true?

If they praise pictures on their profile, saying they are pretty, fit or sexy they may be trying to make them feel good about themself or special.

It is easy for people to create fake accounts and lie about who they really are online.

What should I talk about with my child/young person?

Users can rate profiles and find potential hook-ups via GPS location tracking. The good news is, this app pulls information from user’s Facebook profiles, so it is more authenticated than other apps.

Problem: It is easy for adults and minors to find one another.

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In an exclusive in-depth interview with I-Team reporter Dan Noyes, Celeste Guap reveals how and why she started having sex with an Oakland police officer at just 16.Here are some potentially dangerous apps that are popular among kids: 1.Tinder: An app that is used for hooking-up and dating.Celeste: "I don't have lipstick on."Dan: "That's alright.Go ahead."Celeste: "I'm sorry, I'm sorry."Dan: That's okay."But, she has seen more in her 18 years than anyone should in a lifetime. Celeste: "Guap means money."Dan: "Guap means money?

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