Chat playboy

The keyboard queen of the Playboy Cyber Club lives in the cubicle next door.

“The Cyber Club regulars call me Rowan, the cybergoddess,” she said with a giggle.The loaf came about in the eighth grade--This is true--People have always asked me and I've made up a thousand stories but I stepped on a coach's foot and he screamed, "Get off my foot you hunk of Meat Loaf." Eighth graders think everything's funny, so the next day I came into the locker room and they had spelled "Meat Loaf" as two words.Not one, but two, so that my first name was Meat and my last name was Loaf.Broughton, a former music-branch governor and current member of the executive committee, wrote the music and asked for their consideration in the email, attaching his name to it.The music branch toppers decreed he had broken no rules, but in late January, the board decided otherwise and revoked the nomination.

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