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The popularity of this trio led to countless imitations in the West, produced by potteries as respected as Meissen in Germany and Spode in England, both of whom copied Imari freely.By the early 18th century, China was flooding the export market with inexpensive Chinese Imari of its own, making Japanese Imari prohibitively costly in the West.As someone who spends a considerable amount of time scouring the web and other places to find vintage sewing patterns, I thought now might be a grand time to sort of introduce a primer to those who are new to sewing with vintage patterns, or who are interested in collecting them. It was a 20s/30s evening gown, lovely, but to hell with 0 for a sewing pattern unless its made of gold and even then, Id have reservations. I'm seeing more and more 3 figure patterns, and truth be told, I would attribute a lot of that to a pattern that sold on Ebay about half a year ago for 0 .The prices were at first 10-15 cents which can help date them.Dating is a problem as for the most part there are no dates on the pattern. Early patterns after the launch of the New Deal can also be identified by the New Deal National Recovery Act (NRA) eagle (1933-36).A contemporary pattern can go for , yet people seem to still believe that an old pattern has to be a buck. I price honestly, based on style and age and completeness of the pattern.Most people think because its old, that is by default valuable.

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As there is no NRA Eagle, but the Du Berry logo seems like the style used on very early patterns, 1931-33 is possible. The manufacturer was the Simplicity Pattern Company.

Thus, blue was primarily used to create borders and backgrounds, although it was also painted on vases, tureens, plates, and lidded jars to depict leaves and other floral elements.

The most frequent Imari palette revolved around three main colors—the blue underglaze, plus a rusty reddish-orange and a brilliant gold.

Not to say that there are not patterns that can command a 3 figure price. I am still lamenting over loosing a 30s hat pattern in a 23" head. )From there you get into the mire of pricing based on what the seller thinks they can get away with.

It went on Ebay for 0 , but I bid just over 0. This will vary across the board, as there are no real rules. I never understood people being so sore about that anyway.

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