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Horan, OFM’s book Franciscan Spirituality for the 21st Century: Selected Reflections from the Dating God Blog and Other Essays, Volume One (Koinonia Press, 2013).

Today’s Gospel passage, the questioning of Jesus by his disciples about his use of parables in his teaching and preaching, seems a little confusing at first glance.

Only to the small handful of folks I feel to keep working with.

Having grown up in a military family, being born on a Navy base in Florida while my father, a Marine Corps Officer, was in flight school, I have always had something of an appreciation for Ignatius Loyola, his personal story, and his military-like organization skills.

64K (tho college loans are all up the yin-yang), plus eight weeks PTO, bangin health insurance, and a retirement fund that ensures that the velvety life will likely last long into the twilight before the grave. It's just my inner wild thing is APPALLED that we are where we are.

The 10-year public health professional is so bored that the mind dulls to wet confetti.

For those who are fans of this blog and the writing, ministry, and speaking events of Fr.Yes, I'm talking about self-marriage, complete with marriage ceremony, commitment papers, and vows.A recent CNN article points to a segment of single people who are choosing to "marry themselves" rather than another person.Back when I first became a believer and was reading books like “When God Writes Your Love Story”, sex was something I honestly didn’t think about all that much…at least, I didn’t think I did, anyway.Even though I was a teenager, I tended to think about all of the other things I wanted about marriage: companionship, someone’s affection, someone to come home to, and and, oh yeah, someone who thinks I am attractive (very much something I couldn’t fathom at age sixteen). Now, I realize that it was actually more important to me than I had thought, because, of course, for women it is in many ways a fulfillment of feeling connected to our husbands.

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