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Elisabeth Moss confessed what she thinks of her ex-husband Fred Armisen, but how does he feel about their 8-month long marriage? The "Saturday Night Live" star, 46, who married the "Mad Men" actress in October 2009, only to end the relationship in June 2010, admits he was a crappy husband.In an interview with Howard Stern on his Sirius XM radio show in early January, Armisen discussed how he feels about Moss' comments on their short-lived union."It was extremely traumatic and awful and horrible," she said, in a new interview with New York magazine."Looking back, I feel like I was really young, and at the time I didn't think that I was that young." The "Mad Men" star, 31, opened up to the magazine about her relationship with the "Saturday Night Live" funnyman, which began after she met him when Jon Hamm hosted the late-night show.

Elizabeth Moss’ acting resumé is definitely one of the most enviable in Hollywood.The Golden Globe winning actress plays the character of detective Robin Griffin and joins the likes of Game Of Thrones star Gwendoline Christie and Australian actress Nicole Kidman in the upcoming series, that will be released next year.Elisabeth Moss has no regrets about walking away from her short-lived marriage to comedian Fred Armisen.In January 2008, a group of commenters joked that Armisen slept around so much that he was passing diseases to his partners: I'm not sure about Fred and diseases, but I do know firsthand that he abuses his semi-celebrity status to meet women and then abruptly discards them (all the while playing the nice, sweet, down to earth role.) He's only interested in friending and/or dating celebrities. I came back to specifically say you are all right about Fred, sadly.Between serious relationships, he seeks out "everyday girls" such as myself to mess with and ultimately sleep with (something he didn't get from me - I'm a bit too wise for you Fred, and you know that.) That Petra person should watch out. He gets off on hurting people in his life, I think.

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