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So she’s celebrating by taking her RHONY friends on a lavish trip to Turks and Caicos. ] So how did Sonja meet a man who is the descendent of two U. His father was Henry Sturgis Morgan who started Morgan Stanley.

The story goes that Sonja and John met in the mid 90s at the Italian restaurant San Pietro.

" column about a husband who threw away his marriage for an emotional affair with an ex from high school, one must believe that husbands (and probably some wives) are still holding torches for their former loves.

If you're worried your husband is thinking about an old flame, then check out these signs that his heart belongs to someone else: He calls you by his ex's name.

Because my husband’s old flame attended the same college as he did, she was there as well.

This was our second time attending the watch party together, but his ex didn’t make an appearance at the event a year prior.

They had dinner together that night, when he proposed to her.

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Mail Online has contacted both stars' spokespeople for Sonja Morgan has had plenty of financial problems over the years.It all started in 2006, when she was served divorce papers by her millionaire husband, John Adams Morgan, who btw is more than 30 years her senior.She was a hostess at the upscale power lunch place on Madison Avenue.Later, they ran into each other on the slopes of Aspen.

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