Gender roles and dating

Among all the information and misinformation present in the media, one particularly damaging representation is that of male and female roles.

By including more and more important female roles, the media, including books, movies, television series, and video games can avoid portraying gender stereotypes that ultimately form society’s perception of gender roles.

These bunnies must adhere to strict and limited body types, certain gender roles and, contrary to being sexually liberated, must always be available for sexual pleasure of the playboy.

Such a widely consumed and distributed premise promotes a culture where sexual assault and...

Companies still prefer to hire less-qualified males than invest in a woman who will leave when she marries or who will have family responsibilities that will prevent her working late or socializing with colleagues – in other words, she won’t be a good team member.

It is important for us to know and follow his design, even when it is countercultural or contrary to what we are accustomed to.

Media as entertainment also has a subtle influence on society’s way of thinking.

“Every message you see or hear will have some impact on you, however small” (Martin).

Playboy has made its millions by selling notions of white male supremacy.

The Playboy empire capitalizes upon this premise--a notion where the male consumer buys into the image of being a playboy and is served by the bunnies displayed.

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