Intimidating dog meme

Dogs help you eat your food, they keep your shoe population under control, they teach you to watch where you step and they let you know when someone comes within a 5km radius of your house at 3am. When a dog is happy or just chillin’, their muscles are relaxed and their tail and ears are held naturally.The mouth may be closed or slightly open and the corners turned up slightly as though they’re smiling.Now, note that Max (our dog at the time) was a Brittany spaniel / golden retriever mix.His fur was mostly white, with some brown patches, he had a big flaggy tail, wasn't terribly big (35 pounds), and had a very happy disposition.The final form, Stoutland, takes its animal basis and exaggerates it in that fun, silly pokemon way.

Earlier this week, I did a post – Five Minutes to Heartbreak – about how devastating it is for a pet to be dumped at animal control.I am going to try to ask this as gently as possible. I am not as likely to be as strict about this if it's a white person. Because, in the south, a lot of dogs were raised by rednecks to attack black people. You don't have to tip-toe around questions like that here. It is just a genuine belief among many blacks (and whites for that matter) that dogs are racist little shits and likely to attack them even if the dog is all snuggles and hugs to everyone else.But has anyone noticed that, generally speaking, African-Americans don't particularly care for dogs? Other people have noticed what you are talking about as well. We have debated whether or not many dogs really are racist here before without firm conclusions.They might also wag their tail from side to side or in a circle. When a dog is feeling playful, they’re body movements are bouncy and jerky and more exaggerated than normal.Or just twitch it a little if they’re like my lazy beagle. The play bow is a big tell, and can be a useful sign that your dog’s new friend just wants to have fun.

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