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“Photographs and other sun pictures, which are copies of engravings or works of art, or which are used for the illustration of books, or which are so small that stamps cannot be affixed, are exempt from stamp duty.

In lieu thereof, they are subject to duty of 5 per cent ad valorem.“The price of a photograph by which the stamp duty is determined is held to be the price which is received for such photograph, including the case or frame, as well as any labor which may have been expended upon the picture.“Imported articles, when sold in the original and unbroken package in which they were imported, are not subject to stamp duty, but they become so as soon as the packages are opened.”The process was for a photographer to affix a stamp to the back of an image, and cancel it by adding initials and a date.

Read More The catalog’s format is alphabetical by type of document and within many categories there are subsections treating the different taxation rates for those varieties of documents which experienced rate changes through the years.

Some specific types of documents were not generic, but were especially printed for various firms engaged in specific businesses, such as bills of lading for shipping companies or bills of foreign exchange for international banking houses.

National Prohibition saw some of the more curious stamps or stamp related emissions emanating from the Bureau of Engraving and Printing.

There were Nonbeverage distilled spirits taxpaid stamps, doctors’ prescription blanks for medicinal alcohol, alcohol warehousing stamps, and the unique quarter pint bottle stamps for bottled in bond distilled spirits. When National Prohibition descended on the nation on January 16, 1920, there were three ways that beverage alcohol could be obtained legally: sacramental wines were allowed, medicinal distilled spirits and wines could be prescribed by a physician, and the male head of the household was permitted to produce 200 gallons of wine for his household.

The full text of the book is also included on a searchable CD (Adobe Acrobat required), which facilitates associating fragments of a cancel with the actual company that used it. There are over 300 high resolution illustrations of documents.

It has an individual history of each US wine stamp and details of rates they served. In addition to the numerous photographs throughout the book there are eight pages of documents in full color, and if these are not enough to get a fiscal history collector’s heart beating faster, then it is likely nothing ever will.

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