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Johnson also made a cameo during the 4th Australian series Dancing with the Stars Grand Final, performing with musician Alex Lloyd. In Season 2, she and her partner, television presenter Tom Williams were the winning couple; they both then performed in the Champion of Champion series.

She received all 6 votes, 5 from her tribemates and her own vote.The controversy spread outside the court, with bishops warning that the decision undermines marriage and lawyers saying that judges have usurped the rights of Parliament and elected MPs to make the law.Pre-nups have held no sway in English courts for more than 150 years ever since divorce settlements have been a matter of civil law. She has since served as a judge on the Australian version of the show since 2013. She appeared on Seasons 1-3 of Dancing with the Stars in Australia in 20. Since 2001, she has appeared in a number of events and films, including: Johnson's first major television appearance was as a professional on Dancing with the Stars, a televised ballroom dance competition.

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