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Do you think it's good for our self-esteem, getting shot down by random women at poetry readings and all-day raves?

But the sensitive male of the 00's will be not only gratified, but relieved, to have a female take that first risky move. Do you mean there's a risk we might get shot down?! Granted, if you choose unwisely, your new Sadie Hawkins Day pal will be smitten by you long past the time you've grown tired of him.

Sadie Hawkins was a character from Al Capp's comic strip "Li'l Abner," who was so swamp-bog ugly that her father (the Mayor of Dogpatch) decreed a special holiday so she could finally land a man and get married. So what is it like, one of those icky junior-high-school dances where the girls are supposed to approach the boys? They're basically harmless, once you get to know them.

I just told you, but let me explain in more detail. We all have painful memories of those "Ladies' Choice" dances — and if you think you had a bad experience, imagine how I felt, standing alone in the corner while all the other guys got picked. No, on Sadie Hawkins Day, you don't have to force unsuspecting guys to do the tango — but you can smile at them in the bookstore, make small talk with them in the laundromat or buy them a drink at your favorite club.

Us guys have been trying forever, I think the ladiesdeserve a chance. At least I have already started the process by running for the hills (no not the hills -- the forest; on second thought not the forest either -- the river). Jez trying to open up thegates, Maybe burn down Dew's barrier.

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(Don't worry, all the guys you hit on will have received the official Sadie Hawkins Day circular, so they'll be prepared for your advances.) Good hunting!By keeping female profiles completely hidden until she’s ready to connect, Her Way provides women unprecedented privacy and discretion as they search for Mr. According to Her Way, it is at least five times more likely that online daters will successfully connect when a woman initiates contact.By letting women make the initial connection with their potential suitors, Her Way creates an environment where women’s intuition rules and connections therefore have a much better chance of turning into love.February 29 isn't just an extra day of the month before the rent is due — it's Sadie Hawkins Day, when gals are supposed to take the romantic initiative and chase the hunks of their choice down the street. Sadie Hawkins Day was originally celebrated on November 13, but it was then moved to Leap Day, 1950's America being unable to tolerate such a revolutionary observance more than once every four years. Are you saying all women who can't land a man are swamp-bog ugly? Not at all-although, 40 or 50 years ago, that wouldn't have been far from the mark. For those of you unfamiliar with this semi-obscure tradition, here's a quick primer.

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