Who is hofit golan dating

In case you somehow missed it, the actress and her fiancé Egor Tarabasov got into a huge fight in London, with the two apparently parting ways amid rumors the 30-year-old is pregnant. Well, the actress was seen sporting a brand new diamond on that finger while in Sardinia, Italy over the weekend.

But her 23-year-old flame shouldn't fret as Lilo was still rocking the emerald ring he gave her… Regardless, she was still showing him what he's missing as she also donned a strappy black swimsuit, which looked about ready to burst! The glowing redhead continued to wear sexy one-pieces over the rest of the weekend, though her vacationing pal Hofit Golan insists her BFF is NOT preggers.

Unfortunately her implants are also visible under her skin, which suggests that they are not beneath the pectoral muscle.

If she had a revision with better implant selection and they were placed under the muscle it would give her a better result.

“This vacation is amazing, it’s not a single girls’ getaway or a post-breakup vacation.

However, Israel annexed the Golan Heights into its Northern Galilee Region in 1981 against International Law in order to avoid a continual military occupation until peace withe Syria could be achieved.

“All relationships have ups and downs, and that is what is happening with Lindsay and Egor.

They are going through personal matters, but it doesn’t mean they’ve broken up for good.

While Hofit’s most obvious cosmetic procedure are breast implants that resemble fruit more than female breasts, she also looks to be a user of facial injectables, like Botox and probably also had a rhinoplasty at some point to create an unnaturally shaped nasal tip. It is likely she had some Botox as well, but not overdone.”Plastic surgeon Dr Sherrell J Aston says, “After reviewing photographs of Ms.

Golan it is clear that her are implants too large for her tiny frame.

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