Who is mika stefano dating

Mika Stefano is bridging gaps in SA, breaking down stereotypes and using his influence to do good.

My Definition Of Success | Initially, My idea of success would be the person who is living in a big house, with a fast car and wears fancy clothing.

Now that she has lost the weight and revealed the pecks, she’s encouraging others to get up and get active too.

Before: My body is having conversations on its own!

One of the top rappers alive was recently in South Africa as a part of his world tour.Now if you didnt know he was Young Nucho, you would swear he was Lil Wayne. Now to be honest with you, I think she was only with him coz he looks like Weezy…Fame crazed little ****** Apparently this weekend, Young Nucho was walking around with his whole crew and a bodyguard. I understand where Weezy may be coming from, thinking Young Nucho wants to be like him, but is that a bad thing?I was lucky enough to see this amazing man live on stage…I was expecting another international artist to come down to Africa and just sing and bounce, but Weezy put on a full show. Lil Wayne oozed personality and had us eating up his charm…

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